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09-29-2016, 04:30 PM
I just want to take some time to take Sts for finally updating CoC, (a game I thought was completely dead). I like many others have enjoyed CoC for a very long time and when there were no longer any updates my phone felt like it lost a piece of its significance. I also want to thank them for the troll adverts that plagued the forum so we can finally communicate on here again. Finally I just want Sts to know that adding more micro-transaction and more insentives to buy things in the app can only benefit them. Right now there is pretty much no reason to spend money, and that probably is why he game doesn't perform as well. So maybe adding skins that can only be bought with money or something that insentives the consumer to spend money will really help the game (tbh I don't care if the game becomes completely pay to win I just want more updates).

Sorry if this is hard to follow writing posts on mobile isn't the easiest

10-12-2016, 04:00 AM
Well i got an idea which derived from your idea which is going to make both f2ps and p2p happy.

Why not things like skins and voice lines are added to the game which can be bought but on a very high price and then there are crates (like AL) which can only be bought by platinum (indirectly by real money) which can unlock the skins, voice lines and even characters! Just an idea...

10-13-2016, 09:24 PM
Yea I just hope they come up with something so they an make money and keep on adding new features to the game

10-15-2016, 02:58 PM
*fix bugs and improve performance and crash problems for certain android devices.

*Introduce Skins & Vanity weapons

*Add emotes

*Buff Premium: Don't make premium just bonus gold & exp. Add certain premium events with rewards such as skins, profile icons, maybe add special emotes.


*Add an Arcane universe to the roster of element worlds.(gotta cash in on dat mmo popularity)

once thats done just add new maps and game modes

10-16-2016, 07:26 AM
Woow...that was a kind of good ideas...let continuig to add more ideas...i am sure that sts team wanna take some of them...

Bun Dem
10-16-2016, 09:22 AM
Call of Champions rock!