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Vince Kloyd
11-19-2016, 11:39 PM
Fight For Teritory

One fine day in a small village in two arm state Elly the Scorch with his wife Emelia the Scorch with his kids having a nice dinner in their cave , but suddenly some steel two arm dino's approach every men scorch in the village , one nobe armed dino approach elly to fight for their state against the evil fossiled dino's , Elly is hesitating to join, he talked to her wife and kids and they approved , Elly packed some things and joined the alliance.

2 Months passed and All those Men Scorches was trained and became Singe the armored scorch, the Men Singe's gave a chance to visit thier family before the war , Elly's family was suprised to see their father with that armored suit.

Meanwhile in Dead Valley where Evil Dino's live , Drake the Nekro leader of the evil fossils , Drake and his mens captured some Scorch in the samll village and feed them arcane fossils and let them drink the green pool.

Battle Day
The dino's fight in the Kraag City the mid city of Arlor , Armed Singe's and Ghostly Nekro's met. The war began and Nekro's have so much power giving them shield so Singe's Burning fire cant get through them.

The war lasted for 4 hours, guess who won? To be Edited soon