View Full Version : The customized Chromaweave Set for operatives Lvl 30+ Crafting Requirements

09-28-2011, 07:10 AM
Heres a little information pool for the art of crafting this complete Set.

In order to craft the customized Items you will need to have the purple base item first. By reaching lvl 30 you should have looted them all in one of your countless slouch-o runs.

If not - you will be able to purchase them for not too much money in the auction - as the prizes dropped impressively low the las days.

Then you will need a recipe for each Item - and thos are 10k cr. each (!)

And Last but not least: The Crafting itself: there are several Posts what you will need for the individual items. But me personally had the problem that i needed more space in my inventory.

So i made up this short list of the items you will need for Crafting the whole Set:

BIOTECH Engineered DNA x 2
PSYONIC Emotive Plasma x2
KINETIC Carballoy x2
ELECTRONIC Master Override x2
NANOTECH Nanochips x2
KINETIC Durasteel x5
NANOTECH Adaptive Nanites x5
ELECTRONIC Defense Software x5

So this leads us to 25 Crafting Items which lets you much room for selling, throwing away or trading alle the other crafting stuff you will not need.

Have Fun and good luck

c u ingame...

10-02-2011, 09:27 PM
Im not paying 50k for 50health and 25 mana. Not worth it by a mile.

10-06-2011, 06:22 AM
The set bonus for custom gives 2 crit and 6 damage as well, which is the real benefit of the custom set. It ultimately boosts the minimum range of attacks by about 10%.

My mind wrack crits with full custom have exceeded 150... It was very much a good investment, as 50 health is about a 15% boost in survivability, which is needed because if you go all out on a boss with amplify pain and precision, your tank will not be able to keep aggro!