View Full Version : 1.0.2 Content Update (70031)

09-28-2011, 02:44 PM
Fixed an invisible collision piece on level 03 of Slouch-O.
Bolts from Deatomizer Dual Pistols should fire out of the barrels correctly.
Sufficient inventory space is required to purchase or retrieve an item from the Auction Terminal.
High level players in UC Outpost will no longer be told to go to a higher level dungeon to gain experience.
Fixed a rare issue causing certain characters to crash when entering the game.

09-28-2011, 02:47 PM
I never thought bout that its a small change but it had ipad patch 4 thing on it why so much thingy bar for small thing? O.o

09-28-2011, 02:52 PM
Sweet! I always seem to run into that invisible collision piece during Scorcher runs.

09-28-2011, 03:07 PM
Wow I never even noticed the invisible collision piece......probalby thought I was getting hit with a bag or something! I get hit by them 90% of the time.

Thanks for removing the message at the UC Outpost!

09-28-2011, 03:21 PM
Lol finally..I hated that collision thing so much i would run into it every time. X)

09-28-2011, 03:47 PM
I hated that collision thing lol

09-28-2011, 05:27 PM
Thanks for fixing the deatomizer glitch, much appreciated.

09-28-2011, 06:06 PM
*begs for a second skill bar on screen in next patch since PL got the same interface without this incredibly annoying flaw*

09-29-2011, 03:02 AM
Had an issue with my sound and thought it was this patch but figured it out, so deleted my post!


09-30-2011, 05:58 PM
i always wondered what i kept running into lol