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10-05-2011, 12:29 PM
So I recently switched from a 27 Engineer to my now 24 Commando. I have a few questions that I was unable to find.

How long will the Sandstorm or lv25 Plat armor last me? I plan on going Sandstorm and already have all the pieces just need the 1k experience. >.< Should I start replacing those pieces with the Green "Limited" parts I could use starting around 26/27 to finish off the grind to 30?

I am primarily an AoE Commando, with my Engineer I didn't see as many Commandos utilizing Singularity, Well, Stomp, Etc. Should I look into respeccing? If so how long will the lv24 Scavenger's Rifle hold me over?

When is to soon to start utilizing Pistol/Shield combo, or should I start as soon as 27?

What level and/or gear should I be aiming before I attempt to tank Director? Or does it even matter as the aggro generally changes anyways from my experiences.

Generally speaking, what is a minimum target Hit%. I am currently at 76% in the lv20 plat armor set.

Lastly, perhaps I am missing something but I am not noticing when, if ever, I dodge an attack. Is there a way to tell or should I ignore dodge all together and go with either Armor, Damage, or Crit as an implant?

Please feel free to place any links I might have missed where I could find the answers.


10-05-2011, 01:17 PM
I just made my engineer to 30, and no problem with full 25 green set. I prefer use 25 green set all the way to 30 and then save for 30 purples.

Pistol/shield combo, it really is up to you do you want to use it or not. Half of players says it's good and half say it's not. It's better test yourself do you find yourself more useful for group with shield or without.

You can try to tank director when you are 25, just be sure you have engi as backup when doing it.

Hit % seems to be bugged at the moment, and nobody won't miss any shot, or least I haven't noticed that happening.

Implants are hard to say, your best choose is implant which supports our gamestyle most, mostly
You find it only by testing different implants with different gears.

There's answers to most of your questions, sry couldn't answer all since I won't have commando myself at all so couldn't answer commando specific questions. :]

Links you might want to check are ellyidols guides, he knows commandos very well and surely will reply here too as soon as he see it.


10-05-2011, 03:23 PM
Implants are completely up to ur playstyle! With gear, I used sandstorm gear until something new dropped that improved the stats I wanted. I used some orange gear that was better than the green 25 gear, until I dropped green gear.

On skills, I believe gravity well should always be lvl 6! If all the mobs are together than the aoe skills work the way they should!

This is what I do, I run in the middle of the group hit gravity well and run to a wall! Followed by singularity! This will pull all mobs, Allowed to he pulled, to the wall and push them against it! Once against the wall I hit stomp which will knock them all down! Quick, controlled and productive.

The other skills are up to ur playstyle but if u like to group them up, nebula is awesome!!

10-05-2011, 05:31 PM
I used level 25 green gear to 30 with all 3 classes without a problem. For implants, I use dodge on my com and eng, damage for my op.