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03-10-2017, 12:22 PM
- 2x Blue Demonlord Sets (Lv20)
- 2x Firesquids - Not Assault (Lv25)
- 1x Firesquid - Not Assault (Lv26)

- 1x Emblazed Axe (Lv15)
- 1x Protector of Savvy - Yellow Shield (Lv21)
- 2x Shocking Heraldic (Lv15)
- 1x Dwarven Defender - Red & Gold Shield (Lv15)
- 1x Radiant Set (Lv31)
- 2x Carouser/Blood Blade Sets (Lv26)
- 3x Bloodhammer Helms (Lv26)
- 3x Bloodhammer Helms (Lv25)
- 1x Green Demonlord Set (Lv20)
- 1x Extra/Spare Green Demonlord Helm (Lv20)
- 1x Ice Raiders/Fur Chain Set (Lv8)
- 1x Algor/Furchain Set (Helm: Lv7 - Armour:Lv6)
- 1x Arctic Plate (Lv5)
- 1x Corrupted Warefare Set (Lv3)
- 1x Frigid/Frozen Tactics/Assault Set (Helm: Lv3 - Armour: Lv2)
- 1x Hellish Stability/Assault Set (Lv3)
- 3x Sentinel Helms (Lv7, 9, 12)
- 3x Sentinel Armours (Lv7, 13, 19)


I know most of its useless and almost worthless lol but maybe to the right collector it could have sentimental value or something...
Leave an offer below or PM me in game...................don't ask how much please...thx......
IGN: Justno

03-10-2017, 12:29 PM
Can u post a pic of the sentinel set? U can send to me as a pm aswell[emoji13]

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03-10-2017, 12:48 PM
Ew if it isn't the spurs fan...

Well... hello again @.@