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10-09-2011, 08:38 PM
jMachina's UltraTank.

Here's the new thought process for the commando:

The commando is good at two things. Tanking and AoE damage. When you're up against trash mobs, you'll be doing a lot of the damage by virtue of your AoE attacks. When you're up against bosses or minibosses, you'll be doing your part by absorbing a lot of damage. At least, this is the way it is intended to be.

If you do this right, you can still contribute offensively in all scenarios. We're leveraging Heavensblade's idea about using KR primarily for it's damage boost, but committing to the idea a bit more than he does.

The Build

1. Kinetic Reservoir: 6 points

We're going to use this as optimally as possible. That means exploiting the 2 second attack window to do +35 damage per hit. Refer to Heavensblade's build for an explanation of the method.

2. Gravity Well: 6 points

Gravity Well is your highest damage AoE attack. Use it and hit hard with it.

3. Growing Rage: 6 points

60% critical chance. Worth it. Use this with KR / backbreaker to hit extremely hard.

4. Graviton Slam: 1 point

Taunt + slow, useful for keeping aggro on bosses or kiting mobs. Not too useful for doing damage regardless of skill points invested. However, this also does AoE and fires instantly, so we will use this during our 2 second window to get +35 damage bonus on all enemies in the AoE.

5. Neutron Stomp: 1 point

Taunt + knockdown, centered on self. Useful for aggro and for the knockdown. Minimal damage. More points don't increase damage dramatically.

6. Singularity: 1 point

Taunt + knockdown. We have 3 choices for taunts now, and 2 for knockdown. Singularity is also a very good AoE attack. You can time singularity to hit in our 2 second window by launching it about 4 seconds after KR. +35 damage to all enemies in the area of the blast. Singularity also gives a decent damage increase with invested skill points.

7. Nebula: 3 points

Nebula is guaranteed to hit once if you activate it right about when you launch KR. Your attack window is 5 seconds to 7 seconds from the moment you launch KR. Nebula does damage every 2 seconds over a period of 10 seconds. That means that if you launch KR and Nebula at about the same time, you will hit exactly once during the KR damage boost, and you don't have to invest any more of your own personal finger focus in that very short window to do it (we will be fully focused during that point hitting other buttons). That's +35 extra damage to all enemies within 6 meters, in addition to the normal damage output. Again, the reason we prefer nebula over something like force hammer, is that it's convenient to time this with our KR damage boost.

8. Back Breaker: 6 points

This is the money. 3x combo damage if the unit is knocked.

Time singularity to hit RIGHT AFTER the 2 second KR window opens, and that will leave you with just enough time to have singularity hit, nebula will hit automatically (we already took care of that right when we hit KR), we perform an instant strike with graviton slam, and hit with back breaker right before the 2 second window closes. That +35 damage * 4, that's 105 AoE bonus base damage in 2 seconds, plus another 35 base damage + backbreaker 3x combo damage to whatever unlucky unit is your target, ON TOP of the regular base damage these attacks give.

If they raise the lvl cap to 36 without adding another skill, cap out nebula and put singularity to 4. Or if you prefer singularity, you can also switch these two skills points wise. Put singularity at 6 and nebula at 4 after the level cap increase, and put singularity at 3 and nebula at 1 for now.

10-09-2011, 08:39 PM
Skimmed through it and nice guide :D