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10-09-2011, 11:50 PM
This is intended to utilize an Engineers skills specifically to support a group. Support is an interesting word, and our class can offer that support in a variety of ways. This build allows an Engineer to keep his party alive while still dealing and improving damage. This is not a guide, this is the build I came up with and believe offers the most effective group support an Engineer can offer.

I am sure this is nothing new, or some big secret but I thought I would make a post just in case.

The Build
0 0 6 1
0 3 6 6
1 0 6 -

The Build In Depth
Wither - 0 - A decent skill overall but without any points to spare it gets left out. This is an option if you do no t believe the extra 60 armor to your group is usefull.

Leech - 0 - It was noted in another topic that this is a good "Oh Crap" skill. Well for my playstyle if things get that bad I'll spam my stims to keep myself alive.

Empathy - 6 - Refer to a useful guide about the 616 :P

Revive - 1 - See Empathy and the 616

Force Shield - 0 - I find this skill utterly useless. Its design is amazing but is just does not hold up. If it was changed to take more damage(or work correctly and take more damage) or increase HP regen to it may get another look.

Suppression - 3 - At 3 it will catch up to 4 targets. Thats a relatively good number for me. I also do not spam this skill like a great many Engineers out there. I ONLY use this skill to get a few extra seconds when you have a bad pull, Lurch pushes something to far and draws more, or if ever a group is flat out overwhelmed. The points here can be diminished to 1 and placed elsewhere I suppose but I like 3.

Protection - 6 - I choose this over Force Shield for one main reason, it effects the group which is in tandem with my goal. It also lasts longer netting an overall better skill. While the mathemeticians will squabble over the figures the bottom line is if your not dead because protection left you at 2 HP and empathy brings you back this skill did its job.

Transference - 6 - See the 616 guide :)

Pain - 1 - AoE Knockdown need I say more.

Sonic Boom - 0 - The ONLY skill worse than Force Shield lol

Decay - 6 - You do damage and you increase everyone elses damage! Definition of support you rhelping kill something faster which means you have a shorter fight which makes your job easier.

I don't believe in telling people how to play. If you use this all I can say is do what makes sense.

In summation, Empathy and Transference keep everyone alive. Transference and Decay let you push out some damage while Decay increases everyone else's damage as well. Suppression and Pain give you some control elements that you can utilize in whichever way works for you. Pain also pumps out some damage but at 1 point its minimal.

Gear wise I prefer the 30 Modified Mark VI Holo-Shield and The Incinerator with a 50armor implant. It offers me the best stats defensively. I go defense because if I am dead I cannot do the job that this build is intended to do.
With Atomite(uncustomized) and Plat Back I have and above mentioned items.
STR - 12
DEX - 7
INT - 171
HIT - 94%
CRIT - 13
HEALTH - 411
MANA - 437

Damage - 47-93
DPS - 99
Armor - 602(662 w/ Protection)

Thoughts, Opinions, and Critique are always welcome. I will fix any grammatical errors in the morning.

10-14-2011, 11:12 AM
Switch out the 50 armor implant for the 5% dodge implant. A 5% chance to receive 0 damage is better than the 2 points of damage the 50 armor will reduce (If it's even 2 points of damage, I threw out an educated guess.)

10-14-2011, 02:46 PM
Ya I like my build so far:


But that's only because I like to create my own levels sometimes because i feel ppl get too needy of engineers. Is that the wrong way to feel? idk. I love support those who are grateful of it. It's really hard for me to keep reviving jerks. I do my best when supporting, but skills like the bomb has helped in a big way especially with bosses and turrets when i'm runnin low on backup.

10-14-2011, 05:52 PM
I tried dodge, I never noticed when I actually did or didn't dodge, so I switch between armor and damage depending on how solid I feel the group is.

Equip is really personal preference imo. THe math in SL says one thing and practice says another so its each individuals taste. This is mainly what I feel is the ideal support build following the full definition of support.