View Full Version : Buy Vials of Ectoplasm/ other items

04-25-2017, 03:52 PM
Like title says buy...

8 vials of ectoplasm. Will buy multiple or single, whatever you got to sell in number of vials I'll buy for reasonable price.

Hisha egg/ munchmouth/ other mythic eggs

Deeds or Locations

If you're selling any of these items post selling offer below or pm on here or in game. IGN: Shannkey

04-25-2017, 04:48 PM
Bought Hisha egg. Still buying other items. Mainly Vials of ectoplasm please and thanks

04-25-2017, 09:27 PM
Still buying

04-26-2017, 02:20 PM
Looking to buy 5 vials for 900I or something of that nature