View Full Version : Selling tons of old items

05-08-2017, 02:11 PM
selling a ton of old items i found in my inv leave offers etc below
lvl 25 cap axe potency
lvl 21 kings wall of wil|
lvl 21 tidal surge potency
lvl 21 crested protector potency
lvl 20 infernal suffering tactic
lvl 20 mighty trollbane potency
lvl 15 mighty vorpal tactic
lvl 15 steel protector athletics
lvl 9 steel protector athletics
lvl 2 icescale plate assault
lvl 2 rotting spirit plate defense

lvl 2 beguillers cap of stability
lvl 2 scouting vest fatality
lvl 25 winterstar ring warfare
lvl 10 bonechill bow potency
lvl 2 refined longbow of brutality
lvl 6 clouding recurve lethality
lvl 15 mighty heartseeker tactic
lvl 1 frigid fangs brutality
lvl 1 rockform recurve brut
lvl 1 guardian vest of security

lvl 2 ice scale robe fatality
lvl 2 frozen robe of security
lvl 21 shipmaster robe stability
lvl 20 winter wonderland robe of sec
lvl 2 frozen robe of assault
lvl 15 red beard hood of stability
lvl 20 villainous watch hood tactic
lvl 20 heroic watch hood savvy

05-08-2017, 04:30 PM
still selling