View Full Version : Just came back after a few years, looking to price up a few items.

07-24-2017, 04:14 PM
If someone can please give me the value of the following items, I will be more than happy to pay you with either gold or the items them self. Thanks. Sorry if it's a bit over the place, I have a few characters so I'm logging in and typing as I go.

Halloween bone helm LVL 10
Your Forgotten Bow lvl 10
Halloween Marrow Mantle LVL 10
Zombie Head
Lava forged Armor
Prestidigitator's Dove
Little Independence hat 2013
Beach antenna
best antenna ever 2010
brown antenna
classy celebration helm
gold antenna
little love 2014
orange antenna
pink antenna
red antenna
Veteran's Centurion helm
Bunny ears 2014 in the following colors: black, blue, bone, brown, flame, green, grey, ice, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
Veteran's Centurion battlepiece
Shield of gratitude
silver pocket legend shield
veteran's centurion shield
LOList's shield
Loyalist shield of tears, ...Zzz..., and whoa!

Copperhead's casting pole level 33
Halloween marrow mantle lvl 35
Winterfest holly wing lvl 30
Big Luck
Chillwind wings
Dainty head of 2012

Glyph helmet of mimicry lvl 56
glyph auto-xbow of mimicry lvl 56
Glyph armor of mimicry lvl 56

Savage dragon master scythe set lvl 76
L55 Fury Fighters Gemtone helm
Big Lucky hat 2014
Little love
bat wings
shadow minion disguise
eye of eternity
Gold Pocket legend Shield
red balloon
Best friend eternally
winterfest cuddle me frost lvl 10

and ALOT more, ill come back to update the list. All help is apprecaited! thanks