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08-05-2017, 03:17 PM
Once upon a midnight dreary,
A jellyfish has been found dead next to paradise pier!
All the other fish knew him and knew what he had told them..
There was a jelly funeral later on that day!
And the mayor of all the jellyfish had arisen,
He swore an oath to take revenge on this lovely jellyfish!
The mayor had gone crazy, he was clueless,till it hit him!
He remembered the story's that our beloved jellyfish has told him!

About the KRAKEN!

The Mayor never believed it, but it was he's only lead!

He then arranged a team of some jellys and they set off to the middle of the ocean..
They were lost, had no food, they gave up.
Day 30: the mayor spotted an island!
Finally some hope..

They arrived to the island, they sat down and refeuled.
The mayor decided to take a look deeper into this island..
He was just wondering till he saw a SIGN..
He... he.... was just shocked of what it said..
* beware, portal ahead *
He was too eager to follow that sign to the portal!
So he did, without any back up or anything..
* a few moments later *
He wakes up on a boat!
The boat was massive, he then hides quickly!!
He heard crawling little things.
He looks and OMG, he finds the jellyfish's most aweful enemy..
He then found a crate next to him, he smashed it open with his jelly fingers? Haha.
Anyways, the crabs heard him.
The crabs rushed to him but he found a glowing weapon in the crate, the mayor took the gun by his jelly fingers and blasted the suckers, they turned to ash's.
But they're we're to many crabs.
He was outnumbered and got held captive.
* couple of days later *
He was brought to the kraken!

The kraken had spoken harshly..
He saw that jellyfish and laughed.
" haha, I killed one of your kind before, they were squishy and fun to Kill!

The jellyfish laughed too!
" haha, I have already sent a message to paradise pier, you will be defeated soon"!!!
The kraken called his crabs and they sent the jellyfish away..

Most of you will think it's a joke.
And YES it is.
But seriously I would really love an ocean themed expansion again!:)

08-14-2017, 01:48 AM
Ya sure this sounds like fun, rescuing mermaids from evil squids is nott a bad idea.

They could add the same designing from Ydra where leaves fall across your screen. The leaves moving across the screen could be fish and the waves of water shouldn't be much difficulty.

Let's see cinco draw some mermaids, bet he makes them into some Halloween mermaids, who need less rescuing and more rescuing from.


11-22-2018, 01:52 AM
Very nice mate

12-11-2018, 08:26 PM
Hahah very nice bru