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10-07-2017, 12:13 PM
1) Joystick/tapping.
It's pretty much broken, i can barely use it during matches, so i have to resort to tapping where i want to go. Tapping is also annoying since there are tons of other things i can target, and sometimes i waste my skills on crates or other stuff, which really hurts my time and it also just feels awkward how i have to hold my phone in order to play right. If the joystick could be fixed and locked into 1 location like in PL or something that would help a lot.
2) Skill Cooldown/Amount of skills
The cooldowns seem to be around 15sec on average per skill, and I've been told it's like that so it's balanced with the damage output, but for me personally, it bugs me how i use up my 3 skills and then i have to sit there watching my bird auto attack for a good 12secs or so, feels kinda anticlimactic lol. Maybe lower the damage and then lower the cooldown, or maybe just add more skills instead of 3 as the limit.
3) Gameplay/Layout
It'd be cool to add a target line so i can identify who i am targeting easier.
Also in Guantlet matches and just matches in general, could you make our HP bars bigger, or place them somewhere on the screen, instead of just the green line above our heads, same with our pet's HP.
The camera rotation would also be better if we just had to use 1 finger to swipe.
Also a horizontal screen version would be nice, as it feels the most comfortable position to play with for me.

10-07-2017, 03:12 PM
Total agreement regarding joystick!!!!

Also, camera rotation and screen rotation are issues when playing on a tablet. Two-finger swipes while maintaining movement with a virtual joystick AND attacking? Not really an option unless there is a gap in the action. Otherwise I end up dropping my tablet lol

Similarly, playing with a tablet held horizontally is sooooooo much more preferable and easy to handle.

Not sure whether this troubles people who play on their phones, but as an iPad gamer screen orientation and ease of single-touch handling sure are!

10-07-2017, 05:47 PM
I agree with the line to target, forgot to mention that. I think you hit home with alot of the problems people are facing