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10-09-2017, 03:45 PM
Hey guys :)

I played PLA on Friday evening, did some upgrades through the day on Saturday, and then played for a few hours on Sunday evening.

I am currently Tier 7. I used the free platinum earned through the game exclusively to buy bags of 30,000 gold to help me to Tier up.

Following on from the last attempt, I took a different tack and decided that I would concentrate on levelling up my weapon level as much as possible in order to prevent myself from getting stuck as this would appear to be where I (and many others) have gone wrong. I made upgrading my weapon level of choice a priority. The following are my stats:

Tier 7: 91/100 stars to progress to Tier 8.


2/3 Stars Level 5.5
2/3 Stars Levels 6.1 , 6.2 , 6.4 , 6.5
1/3 Stars Levels 7.1 , 7.2 , 7.3 , 7.4 , 7.5

On to the upgrades:


Fireball 3 50,000
Bolt 2 10,000
Stomp 2 10,000
Heal 3 50,000
Lightning 1 100,000


Enchantress Weapon 5250,000
Light Armor 110,000
Light Helmet 110,000
Light Underwear 110,000


Expose Weakness 1 15,000
Weapon Affinity 1 15,000
Heartiness 2 30,000
Life Bloom 0 3,000


Bird 115,000
Goat 230,000
Beetle 360,000

So why have I posted all of these? Well it's because my current gold total is 179,159 and I have used up all the free plat (spent ONLY on buying gold- no chests no timers skips etc.) so I can't get more that way.

Obviously I've been spending gold to do the upgrades as above, and to repair my armor, but at this point in time that is what I am left with. As I said in my last post, as a F2P there is only a finite amount of gold I can buy with my free plat, and a relatively small amount which I earn from maps/salvages. This means I can't just upgrade one thing more - focusing on one or two things means I am forced to neglect others.

The things I have focused on this time around were primarily Weapon Training, then Spell Training/ Beetle pet. Everything else I've had to visibly neglect.

Now here is my problem: I've come to a standstill. I am struggling to get the stars I'm missing and my choice as to what to tier up is limited.

If I want to keep focusing on my weapon level, I will need to farm another 71,000 gold which actually amounts to more as I'll be repairing my gear as I go. It also means I can't upgrade anything else in the mean time. What I will probably do is use the gold I have to unlock another spell, and then to make some smaller increases in training and pets.

Once I've done this though I will then be in the position where I still need the 250k to increase my weapon training to tier 6. So lets see what that would look like:

I have just done a test: I ran Tiers 5, 6, and 7 end to end. This took me 44mins and I earned 25K gold from map rewards and salvaged equipment. This means farming these three dungeons over and over I would earn an average of 35,000 per hour.

In order to farm 250,000 that would be SEVEN HOURS of farming tiers 5,6,7 over and over again. I have no desire to do that.

Isn't this supposed to be a casual (non hardcore) game? Surely farming for 7 hours to get enough gold for a upgrade from tier 5-6 when my character level is tier 7 or higher is a bit much? And I'm not even 3/4 the way through the game...

At this point the casual player may start to wonder... "how long am I going to have to farm when I need an upgrade from tier 9 to tier 10??"

Well for that you will need 1600000 (Per pet upgrade at least :/ ) ... so if the rate stays at 35000/hour then you are going to have to farm for 45 hours.

Potentially there will be a nice cycle :D The upgrade will take 3 days to complete. That means by farming 15 hours a day for those 3 days, I will have farmed the gold just in time to complete one upgrade and start the next 1.6mil upgrade.

I say that in jest of course :)

But really.... now for some suggestions:

1. Not enough gold is generated / cost of upgrade is on too steep a curve to be sustainable.
Gold drops should be increased somewhere IMO. Perhaps in the level rewards.

2. Lower tiers are consumed too quickly.
Level 1 and maybe 2 should be completeable in an evening for sure, to give a taste for the game. Tier 1 however shouled require SOME work... I was able to 3 star every level of tier 1 on my first run through. After that it could be:
T3 - T6 One tier per evening.
T6 - T9 One tier in 2 evenings.
T10 - T12 One tier in 3+ evenings.

3. Upgrade timers / limit needs more thought. One upgrade per several days is, I am sorry to say, actually laughable >.<
- Alllow more upgrades at once.
- Have a clock item drop with different raritys EG: reduce timer by 10% (common) , 25% (uncommon) , 45% ( rare)
- Find a way to keep upgrade timers low - perhaps break them down into more upgrades or have each "upgrade" increase the attribute by a percentage and have a fill bar. Then make the upgrade time shorter (and cost lower obvs) to reflect. EG: 1 > 1.25 > 1.50 > 1.75 > 2 and so on.

10-09-2017, 04:32 PM
Great write-up! We are looking into all things economy and this is very helpful.

The committed 'free' player will have a much more hard-core experience compared with the Platinum buyer (due to the additional upgrade slots, timer reductions and gold discounts for training). This is intentional.

I would look to Daily Login, Free Chest, Quests and Achievements to address the gold (but especially Platinum) inflow concerns first.

10-09-2017, 07:25 PM
I love this and everything in it, great job man. A big ole thanks from me.

10-09-2017, 07:41 PM
Agreed. Im gonna stay f2p but the gold amounts are low asf, and i find myself with less than 1k gold most of the time.

10-09-2017, 09:20 PM
Great review!

10-10-2017, 07:37 AM
Great feedback!