View Full Version : My first impressions with PLA.

10-11-2017, 05:26 PM
Hello everyone!

Thanks for having me here. I got into beta earlier today and after couple hours of looking around I ended into tier 4 at the moment. Gameplay seems smooth, controls are working fine(10/10 with joystick, I hate so many joysticks in many other mobile games I have tried). Couple things I have noticed so far....

- I been using only ranged weapons (bow and staff) so far and I don't find enemies with swords causing me any trouble. As I keep moving all the time, that type of enemies won't have a touch on me at all. When they get close, they stop to "charge" their attacks and I'm long gone before they hit. Traps and ranged units are ones causing me most trouble at the moment.

- Gold income currently seems quite rough as I'm heading towards level 3 skills, and on other hand if current prices for gold with platinum are correct it gives in my opinion very huge advantage for p2p players advance multiple times faster than little spenders/f2p players.

- Stats of my character are somewhat confusing me at the moment, but maybe I figure out lately definition for these. My crit rating is 71, but crit chance and damage is 0. Curious what is point of this "crit rating", by stats it doesn't seem related with two.below. Also in statistics there is "flanking bonus", currently at 0 so can't tell difference but I assume it is running speed bonus maybe?

That pretty much about it so far for me. Not any bugs, crashes etc etc occurred on me so far. Game seems enjoyable and I really like it's style of not being multiple hours straight grinding fest. I can play game here and there whenever have time for it.