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10-12-2017, 03:39 AM
I havenít progessed very far in the game but I have a few comments/questions:

The powerups in the maps havenít seemed to be much benefit to me as of tier 4.
- It seems that on auto if I take the time to switch to get them the amount they help vs how far behind time they put me isnít worth it. In the time I destroy a barrel to get that speed boost I go from 3 stars to 2. Every time i run thru and ignore the barrels/powerups I get a faster time and overall better score

The auto function is a little glitchy when mixed with actively tapping
- Whenever I tap a barrel its faster for me to tap back on the enemy than allow it to ďauto-detectĒ and thereís been times where I tap to switch enemies and after I tap it to death thereís a delay in the auto function picking the next enemy. Itself the same when I attempt to dodge the red zones theres always a delay that makes me think the auto function is useless. And once again I havenít advanced extremely far so I canít survive taking too many hits therefore I have to dodge the red zones and flank which I understand is part of the game but it makes the auto function seem very useless.

The upgrade times are extreme
- This is pretty self explanatory. 1 upgrade for such long upgrade times as low a level as I am with as many upgrades as we can make. I would be perfectly ok with shelling out a little plat to buy extra upgraders.

Please leave feedback and let me know what you think. These are just some things I noticed right off the back. Iím have a great time with the game though.

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