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10-12-2017, 04:22 PM
1) I'm an enchantress but my pet is a melee fighter ( Mebo) and stays close to me. By the time I range attack a minion and my pet runs over to attack him he has roughly 1/4 HP left. I would like my pet to have been there already and at least put in an attack
on the minion before I make my first attack. Pets movement speed should be quicker or they should have a passive and aggressive option that we can switch between, aggresive option being that once we kill one minion the pet does not run back to me but instead stays a certain distance ahead of me so when I get into range for my ranged attack he is already at the minion for his melee ranged attack.

2) The drops from crates. With time being a big factor on score when running a map, running around and even having to back track a few steps to pick up drops from crates is a no no if you're going for a 3 star run, let alone you attacking the crate and wasting that precious attack with which you could've used to kill a minion. Luckily we have our pets to do all our dirty crate smashing, i suggest being able to simply tap on the drop to receive the perk instead of moving your character all the way to the drop instead...it would add abit of strategy to the game as well since you can choose the perfect time to tap on your drop to make the most of it.

10-14-2017, 06:35 AM
+1 To the tap based buff pickups. Btw try using a ranged pet they stay away from enemy melee attacks and their stats arent so bad either. Im using that beetle one lol

10-16-2017, 02:29 PM
That is a very interesting idea

10-16-2017, 04:25 PM
I'm mage with mebo, for the first enemies on a map I run past as I blast then I summon pet to finish off and I keep running.
This makes mebo appear in front of the first mob (if you are already past them).

10-16-2017, 04:30 PM
Also boxes are a gamble, will u get increased speed? Or damage, if speed and use it wisely it can make up for lost time other places.

Generally I'll run a map and ignore boxes and see if I can get 2 stars, if I don't I know I need to increase a character stats. If I get 2 I may continue on without increasing stats, even to end of tier. By the time I get thru I have gold and stuff to increase, then I'll go back after increasing and hit a box or two strategicly, if it's not speed I'll prob pass right by.