View Full Version : A few of our favorite things.

10-17-2017, 07:30 AM
We take a lot of time talking about what is wrong. Let's take a time to talk about what we really like.

1. Quick format gaming. - I can quickly load the game, collect my rewards and play a map in barely 5 minutes. With games like Mario Run, this probaby the future of gaming. However I can also grind for an hour or two as well.

2. The mail messaging system. - when you haven't seen a friend in a while , you can mesage them while they are offline.

3. Visual awareness of possible upgrades. If I have a hat that can be upgraded, (even if I only have sword selected currently) there will be a little green arrow on my current equipment to tell me that I have a better hat within my inventory.

4. Great graphics - I don't have the most up to date phone (galaxy s5) but my phone doesn't struggle to handle the top quality graphics.

5. Nostalgia - little notions of the past , music, class names, NPI names. This is a great nod to the legacy PL will leave.

6. Active combat - flanking, dodging, this is an improvement over nuke and run.

7. If your short on items, it will tell you which maps have them. - I.e if you need pet shards click the magnifying glass and it will generate a window with a list of the maps that have pet shards as a (possible) loot. Time saver!

8. Customized characters ! - this was a leap far and beyond the previous, whether you want a cute cuddly ferret or not is up to you.

9. Free platinum that works - platinum maybe purchased however it also can be earned, with a free chest that opens every 4 hours that is 6 chests of platinum possible every 24 hours. That may only be 30 plat but 10 plat equals 20,000 gold, not shabby at all.

10-18-2017, 10:01 AM

Awesome option, if auto repair is off, before you select to play your map,you can repair equipment
And the total cost. This makes runs feel more rewarding as I can see golf increase (sometimes not so if auto repair is on)