View Full Version : After tier 12, a fork in the road

10-18-2017, 07:44 AM
I had an idea that it might be cool for some path splits after tier 12.

Earth, fire, wind ,water
Could be 4 splits

Water beat fire 50% greater
Water beats earth 25% greater
Water is weak to wind 50%

Earth beats fire
Earth beats water 25% and so on

Each path is locked by a special key, only one key is initially given (for next 12 tiers?)(after this you can venture back and unlock one more, or go forward) this could be different color keys tier 13- 25 light blue key to unlock, earn a light yellow key
26- 38 earn one light blue key, requires one light yellow key to unlock, earn one red key
39-51 require one red ke to unlock , earn one light blue, one light yellow key

So earn one key at 12 which unlocks either (one) path a,b,c,d

After clearing path a you get a key for path
E,f,g,h (forward) as well as a key for path (a,)b,c,d
And beyond

Jewels that drop in this path are specific to the path,

Also add that jeweler can remove a jewel (ie if a water bow drops and you want to be fire focus , you can go to jeweler to have water jewellery removed (don't get to keep jewel)

The main reason for this is diversity of players, and pvp.

Right now there is nothing stopping a elf and a bear (or bird) to be the exact same skills (and weapons ).

Or is this too much like that game with the yellow electric rat and dude with a hat that throws balls at animals? (Intentional not to name)

10-18-2017, 10:01 AM
There isn't supposed to be any difference in play style between the elf, bear & bird.
They're all equal as intended.

I do think removing or simply replacing a jewel & destroying it in spot of an old one is a good idea though.

Tier 12 is going to take a long time for anyone to achieve & to max out everything when PLA is released.
Tier 12 isn't going to be the highest tier forever, path splits is basically just replaying the same content 5 times over, no point to it really.

10-18-2017, 10:43 AM
There's more of this in the game than you think!

Elemental Weakness are already in place:
Fire deals bonus damage to Ice
Ice deals bonus damage to Fire
Light deals bonus damage to Dark
Dark deals bonus damage to Light

Check the icons on enemies when you're entering a dungeon to see what element they are!

Jewels can also be socketed over another jewel, replacing that jewel with the new one you want! Just tap the jewel you want and then select the socket that already has another jewel.

10-27-2017, 07:54 AM
I can more clearly see those features now so thank you.

I guess I could change my suggestion to
1. Predictable jewel drops, right now if I want to be fire attack and resost, this will take a considerable amount of time to get the jewels or the gear needed. Having "fire" dungeons that drop fire gear or jewel would assist.

2. I asume this will happen but a set of jewels purchasable with plat.
The gear may be up to me but If u can buy enough jewels to make all my stuff fire attack, resist I may do so.