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10-28-2017, 03:39 PM
Can we talk about Guilds and PvP or is it too soon yet? I know they are on the roadmap so it only follows that work on them is under way. Can we test them prior to launch? And get some feedback?
As everyone knows both Guilds and PvP get highly contentious in game. Can we get some info as to where they are going and maybe get some of the rage out of the way in the forums?

Hope So, ImRandy

10-29-2017, 11:22 AM
While we can't always respond to everything we do read the forums, and any suggestions and feedback that could be relevant for such systems is welcome!

10-31-2017, 07:29 AM
PvP - Some form of loot in PvP... anything would be better than just stats and talk. Loot fits the P2W model, defines roles/characters in the game better, and adds more urgency/purpose to the pve grind.
Guilds - More structer to guilds. More roles within guilds. Anything to make guilds more meaningful to the game. Without auction/trade/give abilities guilds will ONLY have a social interaction purpose in the game. And more or less be meaningless.

10-31-2017, 08:29 AM
While we can't always respond to everything we do read the forums, and any suggestions and feedback that could be relevant for such systems is welcome!

Since you ask so nicely,

1. Ranks within Guild should exist like guildmaster, officers , members. I would recommend to exlude recruiters as the game is casual so make guild that anyone can join
2. Special Dungeons entrances only available to party that are also in the same guild or they can't join ( only guildmaster and officers can start these dungeons)
3. A very small chance at obtainable vanities directly from maps if not then Legendary gears. This will encourage f2p players as they will feel like they can compete with p2p.
4. Like gauntlet, there should be a guild LB with special titles granted to the winning guild's members for the next season e.g. fastest run on x or y dungeons by members of a guild.
5. A customisable guildhall.

For PvP:
1. Guild wars is a must
2. No dueling. I personally don't duel but others might want it
3. I personally dont think there should be a major focus on pvp as the gears are so unbalanced at current rate due to awakening. like an uncommon gear at level 3 is better than my legendary 6 because of stat bonus.
4.X or Y amount of points add additional stats in pve maps so people can increase stats by pvp as well
All for now will update later.

10-31-2017, 10:56 PM
Ideas for guilds.

Members earn infamy points, these points can be used by guild master to add items to guild hall(ie guild enchanted forge, guild furnace, guild crafting table, etc)

There could be special functions for these guild interfaces. For example.

Guild Enchanted Forge could be used to combined spell shard(s) & weapon/armor/etc for chance to reroll enhancements

Guild Furnace could be used to covert useless items into guild infamy & a slightly lesser amount of gold( 10% less?)

Guild Crafting Table can be used to craft various recipes...They can be tiered as well. For example: tier 1 recipe -craft x # of t1 jewels into a t2 jewel. "Master" this skill by crafting x times and it unlocks another recipe for converting t2 to t3 and so forth.

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