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11-04-2017, 06:13 PM
Having problems withstanding the heat in the Path of Fire? Getting lost in the Twilight Woods? Are the pesky skeleton summoners of this world getting to you? Fear not, adventurer, you have come to the right place!

Here I will give you a run down of how I believe is the current most efficient way of joining that juicy Tier 12 club, applying to both free to play players and those who decide to "support the game more so than the former".

The first thing I will lay out is priority for each section of upgrades. Talents are excluded because they won't make enough of a difference before you reach Tier 12.

As a disclaimer, this may not be the best or fastest method, but it works well enough for me to write a guide on it ;)

The aim here is to rush the final tier of spells, which requires a total of 20 upgrades. I recommend leveling these all equally (equal in terms of cost) so that you can reach the final tier as soon as possible. Once unlocked, you will want to use

Energy Orb

These are the three spells I used to power through to T12 (all were level 1 at time of reaching)

But before those are unlocked, I would use

Arcane Bolt (Or Ice Storm)

The first thing I will point out for this section is that the armor upgrades are pointless at an early stage of the game.

However, I would level multiple to level 1 in order to reach 10 total upgrades, in order to unlock the upgrades for the end game weapons.

Make sure to place at least one point in to the weapon of choice you are currently using (the first level adds a lot of damage)

Once 10 upgrades are reached, place all upgrade shards into wand. This is your end game ranged aoe weapon, which is vital to 3* maps. (Unlocked at Tier 7).

This section ties in with the previous paragraph, aoe is key to 3* maps, and the go to choice here is hands down, Levi, the ranged aoe pet. (Requires 5 upgrades).

I would recommend 3 points in Lingo, the healing pet, as it helps a fair amount early game, and 1 point in the other two pets.


I will first of all mention accessories, as a Tier 1 accessory can be better than a Tier 12 accessory, simply because of enhancements. Choose the ones with the best combination of crit damage and flanking bonus.

Tier 1-6

The weapon of choice here won't matter so much, but I would recommend using any ranged weapon. As previously stated, one point into the desired weapon at least is recommended.
As for armour, I would recommend heavy, as the physical resistance it provides will keep you at near enough full health, provided you dodge those pesky red circles!

Tier 7+

The weapon of choice here as stated in the training section is Wand. It is long-ranged aoe (hits 3 targets), and just speeds up runs that much more!
Off-hand is either charm or wing (I preferred charm, as the overall damage output seemed higher)
Armour choice stays the same, the extra skill damage from light/medium armour is not required.


Here it is rather straightforward. A healthy mix of crit damage and flanking bonus in Mainhand/Offhand and jewels is the obvious choice. For armour, health and physical resist.


You can run the same play style through Tier 1-12 (slightly changes from Tier 9-12, I will elaborate).

Currently the best method is to straight away run to the end of the map, hitting mobs along the way (prioritise ranged targets) and herding them. Once at the end, summon your pet (this is done to prevent your pet from staying behind and keeping mobs near the start of the map whilst you herd the rest of the map. You will get the feel of the best way to herd the mobs as you play, avoiding traps can be challenging in some maps, and some maps you need to strategically lure mobs (as some can be left behind).

Once you have reached the end of the map and summoned your pet, run past all the melee mobs behind you and go directly for the ranged mobs (the melee will follow suit and bunch together with them). Use Focus - Vortex - Energy Orb. If done correctly, you should wipe out all the ranged mobs in one go, as well as take out a large portion of the melee mobs. A critical from energy orb with focus can hit over 10,000 damage at T12, and it does not have a cap to the number of mobs it can hit, as far as I can see. Once the ranged units are dead, focus any Gazers if they are present on the map (The floating eye), as they have the most health, then proceed to the final melee mobs.

Once on the boss, the spell combo mixed with a flank attack is usually enough to one-shot, or seriously wound, the boss, provided that the spells crit.

From Tier 9 on-wards an annoying mob called the Skeleton Summoner appears. These are a ranged mob identified by their glowing green heads which need to be killed at the nearest opportunity. They summon zombies (which do not count towards the kills required to open the boss gate), and vines which seriously slow you, setting you up to be hit by the Skeleton Arbalest's ranged snare (long and wide red indicator), which more times than not will lead to your imminent departure from this world. I highly recommend focusing these immediately as you rush to the end of the map, they do not have a lot of health, so can usually be killed whilst moving to the end of the map (may require you to kite mobs for an extra second or too before it dies, it can also teleport stalling longer).


Wand/Levi/Focus+Vortex+Energy Orb/Heavy Armour/Horde all mobs to end of map/Crit+Flank damage = good, Skeleton Summoners = bad, seriously, erase these things

I hope this guide helps you progress, and you join me in Tier 12!

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11-05-2017, 03:33 PM
I find the net casting skeletons the absolute worst! When I am unfortunate enough to get caught by a net I just restart the level as too much health is lost to it >.<

I donít know if this is still the case as Iím only tier 9 but previously in some of the later tiers I was getting hit by one net in a narrow passage and that set me up to just get insta hit by another two until.... imminent departure is the correct term rofl XD

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11-05-2017, 03:52 PM
Those would indeed be the Skeleton Arbalests! It is even worse when you get hit by the net just as you are passing an ice trap, I think it reduces your chances of surviving into negative figures it is that bad :D

11-06-2017, 03:21 AM
Gonna use this guide from T8 onwards :)

11-06-2017, 03:47 AM
Hope it works for you, Bug. If you have troubles hit me up on the discord, I'm very active there!