View Full Version : Funniest Thing Ever

11-11-2017, 07:42 PM
Guys i got the funniest story of a scammer getting trolled
ok so this guy named tariqmir decided to buy my lepre with awake 250 armor for 1.3m when it was 1m in auction i was like omg its my lucky day then he put 1.3m tried to switch to 130k but knew he failed so he canceled after that he traded again and i guess spammed it so had that he actully clicked confirm then he relized his mistake and starting begging me to pay him back now he either quit or he is running around saying i scammed him for 1.3m my ign kuechiob btw i will never scam now this is a story of a scammer failing

11-11-2017, 07:59 PM
I think he was the guy who scammed my green ghost set that i was about to liquidate, but okay