View Full Version : But.. why no trading?

12-03-2017, 06:44 AM

I enjoy the game, I really do.
There's just one thing that disappoints me, and that's the fact that there won't ever be any type of trading (consignment store), confirmed by Justg.

I get that the game is meant to be casual, but does "casual" automatically mean there shouldn't be any trades? IMO, this is what keeps players playing. They get evolved in the economy and feel as a part of the whole player base. I come from AL and yes, this game will not be a PL2, or AL2, and neither should it because I like the style of the game, but I suggested this game to my AL friends and some old PL friends and as soon as they realised there was no trading system they pretty much lost the interest of even trying it out. They said they will for sure give it a try if there are guilds/pvp/trading (I told them guilds and pvp are coming) but still trading is missing and that's IMO the part which makes the most fun in such games.

Also, I've read Google Play and App Store reviews and it's pretty positive, but the 1 star reviews are mostly all concerned because there's no trading.

Yes, scammers exist. But bad people exist anywhere. And, IMHO, if people get scammed after confirming 3 times, it's pretty much their fault. I've been playing AL and PL for years and never got scammed.

Also, what about this: If you do not want to allow trading between players, at least make a consignment shop. Prices are fixed there and clearly visible. So there won't be any scams.

Just a suggestion and please don't lock it down

12-03-2017, 06:49 AM
lock this down lol . seriously just appreciate the game.. they have seen what trading had cause to the game , they created a game without trading and as far as i see it seems fine but if the devs feel the need to put it surely they will... but really maybe theyre in the point of experimenting on games , comparing which is better .. with ? or without trading .. for me ill let the devs decide about trading but im really fine without it