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12-13-2017, 10:46 AM
Selling a bunch of collector gears. Taking offers for now.

2x Wrath of bael of pot lvl 36/31
Protector of grace lvl 21
Emblazed axe of stab lvl 15
Flame crest of pot lvl 15
Kelvins force of will lvl 15
Tidal surge of pot lvl 15
Winterhowler of pot lvl 15
Fuego of leth lvl 14
Midnight of leth lvl 14
Kelvins force of pot lvl 13
Warlord battleaxe of stab lvl 13
Flamesplitter of stab lvl 12
Fire guard of pot lvl 11
Imbued roumdshield of will lvl 11
Hellscream of leth lvl 8
Avalanche veil of pot lvl 6
Gloomblade of stab lvl 6
Tidal surge of pot lvl 6
Steel commando sword of leth lvl 4
Winterhowler of pot lvl 1

Epic weapons:
x2 Desolate defender of will lvl 25/20
X2 Cobalt masher of tac lvl 19/3
Dwarven defender of *** lvl 16
Chilled heart of tac lvl 15

Heroic watch helm of stab lvl 20
Plated vet helm of sec lvl 8
Devourer great helm of grace lvl 3

Steel commando of stab lvl 13
Exalted plate of stab lvl 11
Landlunner jacket of force lvl 11
Cavalier armor of sec lvl 7
X2 iron legionnaire of force lvl 5
Wardens armor of fit lvl 12

Stormwarrior set lvl 5

Epic sets:
Sentinel set lvl 19
Wintermacer set lvl 10
Frozen set lvl 20

Comment here, pm me on here, or pm me ign jamered ty

12-13-2017, 11:59 AM
300k sentinal set 200k warden armor
650k steel wep
I buy almost all...
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