View Full Version : Selling lots of items

12-16-2017, 01:31 PM
please give thought to your offers/low ballers will Not be ignored i will still take your offers into consideration:

glintstone bow of tact(lvl 46)(4% mana/9dex/75 armor)(3 standard finesse)
illuminating belt of tactics(lvl 58)(13%xp/100mana)(1 stanadard finesse)
lepre(lvl 1)(8% movement speed/3%luck/2% dodge)(1weak finesse)
tactical fairy wings(war/rogue)
red arlor vest(war)
arlorian scarecrow head(rogue)
mummy guard head(rogue)

nox set 2.2m-2.4m(no higher)(not looking for op awake or anything)
lepre (220k each)(buying 20)
arc ring 1.550m
super smelly body vanity (rogue)(3.1m-3.2m)