View Full Version : S-frost elf 50%gl, hexstone 100gl, voice set pieces /B-immo100%gl, vanities M, glow

12-30-2017, 06:33 PM
As title says, I am selling the following items:
1. voice hexcharge helm
2.voice hexcharge armor
3. Voice belt STR: 1%crit, 100armor, 75armor
4. Voice ring INT: 125 armor, 75 mana
5. Voice amulet STR: 1.5%hp, 10%speed, 1.5%STR
I can sell voice pieces either with jewels on or not..
I'm accepting offers, so feel free to leave yours here or contact me in game! IGN: Vladynski
Also, looking to buy:
1.nightmare set 5/5 for mage
2.immo staff
3.venom set INT/STR with 80-100%gl