View Full Version : Level 35 Ultimate Commando Tanking Build (open for suggestions)

11-08-2011, 09:50 PM
This build is my personal build after much trial and error that i find most efficient with the current situation. I believe that dodge is the most important stat for a commando. Currently, with the new updates, the maximum dodge a commando can have is 33 (i believe). This is with full custom titan armor that gives +1% dodge, holo shield +3%, plat heavy pistol +4% and new dodge implants with +7%.

As for skills:
Gravity Well-6
Graviton Slam-6
Growing Rage-6
kinetic reservoir-4

One thing about this build is that it is a power sucker. One large mob can burn half your power. But spamming kin res in between mobs proves to be sufficient even without pots, and if you time it well, you can get the additional damage as well. I tried vigor and increase mass before this build. Vigor just cant keep up with the high amount of health my comm currently have. With 6 points, it only provide a maximum of 75h per output. Increase mass is a good skill for tanking, but it is really a 6 points or nothing skill, due to the reduction in dodge at lower points. The 5 sec buff is just not worth the 6 points. However, i do not want to dismiss these 2 skills, as they do save me many times when no eng is near.

I believe that currently in Shipyard, even with the best build and equip, no commandos can or should solo. Thus, this build is very much dependent on the eng in your team to keep you alive. Otherwise, you can always pot, but its not a long-term solution. Thats all for now. Please give me some comments on how can I improve this build. Any other stats that is important to commandos in general?

11-09-2011, 07:56 AM
Seems like a good build, but it definitely isn't the ultimate tanking build. In the purest sense, tanking isn't about damage... It is about soaking damage, keeping aggro, and controlling mobs.

Any com build that doesn't include 6 increase mass is hard to consider a tank build. Sure, it lasts 5 seconds, but its cooldown is 10 seconds. This means the armor boost is up 50% of the time.

Also, a real tanking build doesn't need growing rage, as doing a bit extra damage doesn't really matter... Leave the damage to the ops unless you are making a dps com build.

I agree that dodge is the most important stat, but I'm a tanking purist and believe in using heavy weapons for aoe against anything other than bosses.

My control tank build may not out dps this build, but anyone who has played with my com (Bigblackdude) can attest to the fact that it holds aggro and controls crowds extremely effectively.

11-09-2011, 10:02 AM
One of the important parts of tanking is holding aggro, and this means using your taunt skills, so force hammer and neutron stomp deserve to be in there somewhere, even at one and the 6 points invested in both singularity and gravity well wont be used much against the boss in reactor core, because you will have to hold on to both push or pull till the mobs or boss is near the console