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im jeff
04-17-2018, 12:06 PM
4x arc rings
#1 has 1.5% health/ 50 armor/ 4% str] Full Fort Fury (2mil auto)

#2 has 3% mana/ 50health/ 1.5% dodge/ 2%armor (Bad awakes) no jewels (1.65m auto)

#3 has 8% movespeed/ 4%/1%/4% mana ignore (((9% mana ignore))) Good pvp awake for rog (1.75m auto)

#4 has 2% armor/ 20% gold loot/ 2% dex/ 40% gold loot and Full stand fine (Taking offers)

Lv 66 Mortal Knives of warfare 100gl 1%crit (Taking offers)

End helm rog 1.5% dex/ 2% dex/ 100mana/ Full exc fine. (Taking offers)

Fang of fenrir 50%gl / 8% mvs/ 150 arm> (taking offers)

ARCANE SPOOKY artifact +3 all/ 40%gl / 20%gl / 20%gl (Taking Offers)

Elon sash of mastery 1% crit/ 40%gl / 20%gl (taking offers)


Pendant 80+GL will pay x amount depends on pendant (NOT looking for speed sets)
Arcane wep for rog lv 46+ 200GL will pay 20MIL- or more depending on the wep.

im jeff
04-18-2018, 08:37 AM
0 offers rn

im jeff
04-19-2018, 09:19 AM
Still 0 offers