View Full Version : Sell taint set rog / drag dagg / glint maul / lurid para / frost bow (v)

04-28-2018, 04:31 PM
-Taint set composition:
Bow x3 fort fin full stats awa
Helm x3 fort fin stats and armor awa
Armor x3 fort fin
*both pieces have all slots opened
-Dragon Daggers:
80% gl and 4 slots opened
-Glint maul:
Cheapest item in the list, nab awa and full blood gems
-Lurid bow:
Lvl 17 have para and pretty good awa
●Waiting for offers on gold or good items to trade (no hard to sell)
Ign: Infamed/Infusing
Note: If u wanna offer via forum please also leave ur ign and try to get active at least once a day, ty.