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Possible warning these stories are going to be dark (well thats what im aiming for)

The dark history of the whole planes
There exist three universe in the world, the dark universe otherwise known as the dark realm, the brighten universe known as the elightened realm, and the living universe known as the live realm.

These 'realms' have had been existing since eternity all of which have always beared never ending bloodshed

The dark universe holds the death plane, a dark dark land where light never touches skeletons and shadow live among its darkness with only hatred and spite left in them never resting souls of the end of one battle. Blood thirsty demons, dead, exist in here they are known as the anti living.

The flame plane also known as the 'hell' land. A fire never ending is to be seen eternally flaring. Souls burn here without end no rest no ending to there painful painful torture that keeps agonzing like the flames that enever end. Here a demon who's heart is cold that no fire of agony burns in it anymore it does not have its own soul. Only the soul of those who dies and those are alot

The earth plane. A barren rocky terrain exist here and nothing more its known as the insanity chamber for its just what makes this land more barren setting souls bound in stone to never ever move just suffer the loneliness of insanity...

In the 'elightened' realm exist so said happiness.

The light plane, a flood of warm light going beyond eternity if so possible. This plane is host to the brightened souls. Those who are in peace in feel the warmth of light and so said love ease through them. The have mental powers themselves but never needed it.

The nature plane also known as the biotic realm said realm cause it exist everywhere a never ending vegetation grows happily spreading the garden of love to sould who where connected to nature such as the elves

The aquatic plane...known as the ocean of glee a rush of joy exist here for the most fortunate to die in pride. Souls here swim happily through the currents of happiness and joyfulness never ending happiness

You may ask yourself what do these planes have to do with the world? And alterra? Later to be told.

The live realm
This realm has once been known by the antimatterrealistic universe that it was the portal to everything. Odd that the ones who lived here simce its creation never knew it power until Milleniums have passed. "It was discovered but as they didnt have the eternal reasoning that they could think there chances to open tis portal where ended by there foolish mortallity hah" said the dark realm demon known as slaythors a humanoid like being. Made of dark dark matter pure hatred agony sorrow pain and desolate is just a little meaning comapred to what this pure evil holds its undescribable.

Slaythors,said in a deep monster like voice,"these pitiful living, these worthless mortals! These idoitic flesh blobs are as worthless to us!" he told to the dark council. Mortez, the dark dragon of the death realm, rose hissing words "as you say these worthless meaningless beings of existence are too moronic to figure what there universe's power weilds we can control the most so said...powerful beingsss. And, and we give them a little share of are power and as they hehe want more, they will pleed us. There will would be broken and there want for more power will increase" "so?" said slaythors "so...we shall control them and create a war among realms! Ahahaha!" laughed deeply mortez but so a dark being rose a gargoyle like demon approached closer to the two exited beings and so said..."and after the war, what do we do? Huh should i reccomend ehehehe destroy there souls and feel neverending sorrow darkness insanity and agony?"

Wicked smiles form from cheeck to cheeck showing the sharpen razor teeths filled with an excrutiating layer of blood. Slaythors, said "I enjoy the idea of seeing those mortals suffer for such idiocricy these being bear ahahahahaha i think that was the most great idea you have came up with..seralios.

So this chapter of the story ends here and next will be the chapter that is seen in the eyes of the first alterrans to be existent in the war

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The story of the dark war
The story indeed of this war the first giant war hidden know in the vast darkness of knowledge. This is seen in the eyes of a dark disturbed mage known as silknight.

Silknight is an old old elf who lived and has become immortal. In her age of 20 she was living in a hill up high above the grand city, she did this cause she thought if she lived up there she would have a low chance of getting gruesomely assasinated and she can kill all those climbing uphill with a flick of her wand she loved solitude and her intentions werent evil they where good. Silknight created powerful weapons for alterra and secretly she made torture weapons for her dark mind thought of many ways to torture poeple yet it was helpful at times it had darker effects.

It was a regular day for me, I wake up feed the demon rot hounder, and kiss my lil child. The girl still unnamed I could not find a name for her so I called her daughter. She was 1 years old. I wanted to look down he hill and do I walked outside. "odd" I said to myself... The sky is as red as the blood of my victims sort of pleasing but still odd..and out of the sudden a dark portal reared the skies like the jaws of my rot hounder and it's meal!

It was a dark ominous portal fear jumped out of it I sensed it the result of eternal bloodshed seemed to ooze out of there. Suddenly the town was being destroyed screams of horror and pain agony and horror blasted through my ears and a shriek of a devil. My ears bled the minutes became minutes and I forgot everything....

-in the eyes of the daughter- the daughter got thrown around about in her room like a little rag doll her face was terrifying once it ended she was bleeding in her face bruises the size of her foot in her body the poor child could barely stand. The daughter screamed " MOOOM!" MOOOOOOOM!" they sounded like a demon dying. She saw her mom standing there muttering words that can not be identified. Muttering endlessly the elf turned around. Blood in her face dark spots instead of eyes skin of a rotten zombie. A senseless face was seen in the mother while the child paralyzed by fear could not move...

-Silknight- I could only see a little blurred vision it was dark... And I saw my daughter unable to move like a monster was infront of her little did I know I was that monster.... All I saw was a shiny object...and red liquids splattering around violently my daughter was being thrown and then my senses where back...

The aftermath was horrible. I saw my daughter limbless giant wounds in her she was impaled blood all over the room all over my hands my daughter was dead. Tears ran through my face I feel to the ground but not of sorrow of pain.

A giant booming deep voice roared through my head it said this "I AM YOUR MASTER!!! OBEY ME AT EVERY ORDER I SAY YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" "what do you mean?! I got nothing else to loose anymore I got nothing else to live for..." thoght Silknight. The demon could hear here "it's not about what YOU will loose but what you will GAIN! You will be like me. You will be immortal! You would have amazing powers! If only you obey me" "WHAT DID I TELL YOU I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR! WHY WOULD I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!" replied Silknight "don't you want the power? To kill the one who killed your daughter. The one who kill your daughter was a soul creeper they use a soul and take control of bodies" tricking Silknight. "it was a soul creeper? But won't it just take my soul if I attempt to attack it?" "no no no. You see give me your soul and I will grant you power that means do everything I tell you or a take away those powers! Think about it" silk night thought about it.

The next day she got awoken by the voice again "do you accept?" "yes..." said Silknight heartless. "good good" with a wicked smile responded the demon. "SO NOW I SLYTHOR SHALL TAKE YOUR SOUL! AND I WILL TAKE CONTROL OF YOU FOR YOU TO OBTAIN POWER!" "yes master...." power surged through Silknight she looked the same way she did when she killed her daughter evil and wicked.


What will happen to the faith of Silknight and the dark war? More will happen in the eyes of a grand war leader who still lives on through this day

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Nice story!

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Fantasic story. This would be brilliant if STs used this idea for the game.

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Added the new chapter and nazgul made me think about the killing a daughter thing and it seemed dark enough bought it occured in a whole different way

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I believe that you would make a good book writer with such a vast imagination. I would advise finding an editor before you go to far though. Thumbs up!