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11-10-2011, 09:41 PM
None of the characters relate to their traits/personality, Enjoy!
In the mist evening of alterra lived over 1 million birds,mages and bears. they all lived in harmony and peace until one day....... The full war between alterra and Aliens! the Alien's leader, Galactic overlord had planned his revenge on Alterra for many alien years and today was his day to take over alterra and punish all of them! Alien spaceships clouded the sun while attacking the animals! BUT there were heroes that didnt give up the land without a fight to the end!, AbsolutePally, Kanital and Trueplayer had their elite guilds at full force!
They took out 1700 spaceships but there were 50,000 more to go! T,paxx summoned his army of aliens to destroy Kanital,Trueplayer and Absolutepally. but trueplayer repulsed them almost capturing him. By dawn, Alterra's Population had gone from 1 million to 390,000 in just couple hours. Quickly Kanital did some amazing combo to even the scores! So far it was 390,000 alterrans vs 450,000 aliens! when it was nighttime the aliens retreated back to their base. The alterrans went back to their camps wondering why they retreated at midnight.

In the morning when the animals of alterra woke up.... aliens were about to invade their land just mins away until the arrive and conquer them! so as quickly as possible they got together ande equipped some new kick butt weapons and went out to the battlefield. but right when the aliens and alterrans were about to fight, a mysterious person showed up in front of both armies. Alterrans and aliens said at the same time: Who are you?. The mysterious person clapped his hands and both armies were pushed back by 100 ft. the mysterious person went walking to the alterrans.


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Bum Bum BUM! Suspenseful

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:o ahhhh i killed so much aliens? :O

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Godly Kanital. Lol

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Bum Bum BUM! Suspenseful


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Nice story! :D

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I bet the person's a d..... d........d ......... a mystical force is keeping me from saying the word!