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05-21-2018, 12:21 PM
-Arc fossil SOLD
-A ton of 60% xp elixirs
-Lucky relic (1.5% hp, 40%gl) SOLD
-Arc Orb

-Venom ring (10ms,4%armor) 2 awakes

-Goblaun vanity daggers SOLD
-3/5 voice (ring,amu,belt)
Ring: one awake 5%xp
Belt: one awake 5all stats
Amulet: full awake 125 armor 20gl 3%armor
-End set (75 arm, 125 arm, 2%dex) ARMOR SOLD
-Arc ring full awake SOLD
2%dex, 40%gl, 1%hp, 1%mana
-Mastery belt full awake
40%gl, 100hp, 5all stats
-Mortal Knives of Potency (lvl 66) full awake
80%gl, 4%armor
-Nox ring one awake SOLD
1%all stats

Please leave offers for any items you are interested in and leave your ign as well so i can contact you if needed. I will keep this post up to date. Thank you.

Ign: Fxft

05-21-2018, 02:29 PM
Fossil has been listed in auction for 450k