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05-22-2018, 04:53 PM

Long ago, before arlor had become the thriving land that it was today, many struggles had to be endured by heroes who fought for the freedom of this land. 50 years ago, what was known to all as the catabacle, plagued arlor. Lands were ravaged by demon lords, and evil men ran free destroying the land and bringing even the strongest cities such as garetta to its knees. All seemed lost and the citizens of arlor we're losing the battle. However, the arlorians would not face this threat alone. The guilds of arlor had banded together in a union, a coalition! To purge the land of demons and to protect and save the people of arlor! One guild in particular, The Heroes Of Arlor, would send its strongest members and combatants fighting harder than all to protect the land that served as home. Inevitably the heroes of The Heroes Of Arlor would win! Ridding the land of the evil that had tarnished it for so long! However, following the catabacle, The Heroes of Arlor's strongest and most powerful, exhausted in their efforts would all mysteriously vanish. Now the remaining most dedicated and loyal members wander arlor in hopes that their lost companions would return to restore the guild to its former glory…

Prepare for an epic journey!

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On a mission to 10 posts

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Then what happened?

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Then what happened?

was gonna make a movie, but I got lazy ;-;

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Go for the movie, it would be cool

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All want movie gogo