View Full Version : Resizing/UI feedback for the chat window/box

06-22-2018, 12:13 AM
On Android 7.0, Samsung GS7Edge (5.5" screen), I think some of the chatbox can be resized.

For example, the collapsible text box in 5 line mode, the top-est line can get cut in half (see screenshot)


Secondly, can the buttons near "Private Message" be resized, either that or make "private message" smaller or shorten it to "pm"

Also, on the topic of UI stuff, its not an issue but feels weird that some of this stuff isn't "centered".
What i mean is that the IGN/Tier isn't directly under the character (like how PL was, yes this isn't PL but its just an example).
Also that the buttons "Avatar", "Leaderboard", and "Store" are leaning to the left, seems like there should be another button there.