View Full Version : Trade your TB for my items

07-10-2018, 04:48 AM
Hi. Please support me. Im not merchant, Im mob killer and I need Terror blade. Swap me one if you can please.
I can swap for:
+Heroic Flap jacks egg (25%dmg, 15mana/hp regen stats) nice in pvp for mana with still highest dmg <9m>
+Chester egg <2m>
+Arc amu 54 war (full awa,40%gl, full noble fury) <7m>
+Elysian Chop block (60%gl,3%hp) <1m>
+Elysian bow (3%dex,150hp) <2m>
+Tox pot set (5/6awa opened, 10%xp in amulet) <3m>
+and I add 5m golds

Or I sell that items.

Thank you for war solidarity;)

IGN: Danukrutny