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08-01-2018, 08:45 PM
Hey guys you may know me on full metal jackpot as Dog, today the season restarted, we got a new skin (which is horrible, it should be deluxe for this season and only cost gold yet the helm costs 1k plat), and I noticed that the game is getting way easier. Due to the fact that since the beginning of the game there were no GAME changing Updates I see that many of our good and respectable players have quit, so I came up with a bunch of ideas. @cinco @cinco @cinco

#1. Capture the Flag, FMJ style: Meaning that not only is it CTF but to get to the flag you must escape on 3 pods(with a minimum of 50 gold on each pod you escape on). Once escaping on those pods you respawn as a level 1 and must survive and get the flag back to your base!

#2. Battlefield of Glory: It has the same concept as the Arena of Honor from Pocket Legends (Another STS game). You start as a L5 in the game, you can choose any 4 skills you want once you join, (without re-rolling 1000 times with plat) and then its just down to how skilled you are with your build. The map should have no barrels, just a lot of walls, health packs and maybe even a teleporter!

#3. Plain Old PvP: Depending on your tier you will join the game as that level, in the map you will have 30 seconds to pick your skills and then you will spawn. No health packs. No walls, maybe a car or two but thats it (defeats the point if we have walls and loads of cars).

Guys, my last post got no replies and my heart kinda sank, just give me a quick reply so IK you guys are reading this!

Message for the DEVś: We need to see you guys in game more, maybe in the saloon.

GG guys and goodluck in your next games!

08-02-2018, 03:00 PM
sure why not

08-02-2018, 08:04 PM
Your very passionate about the game! Thats awesome, just dont continue discourage the devs, everything they have done has been from there expense please recognize that. Hope to see you in game more ~ Decalian

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08-02-2018, 08:39 PM
You are absolutely correct, if you would like, I have created a discord server, (Were already at 30 members) and I would love for you to join! Just message me at Wokes#0161