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Damage Skills:

Skill Name - Effect

Damage: Increases the amount of damage your bullets inflict.

One upgrade increases damage by 20%.
Two upgrades increase damage by 40%.
Three upgrades increase damage by 60%.

Crit %: Increases the chance of inflicting a critical hit (higher than normal damage).

One upgrade increases the chance of receiving a critical hit by 25%.
Two upgrades increase the chance of receiving a critical hit by 50%.
Three upgrades increase the chance of receiving a critical hit by 75%.

Blast Shot: On impact, bullets inflict AoE damage to an opponent and those in the surrounding area.

Only one upgrade possible. Every impact causes three damage to all opponents in a four meter radius of the shot player.

Burning Shot: Your shots continue to do residual damage after you’re no longer actively
hitting the player (i.e., it continues to “burn” them).

Only one upgrade possible. Inflicts 7 damage per second for 2.5 seconds.

Defensive Skills:

Skill Name - Effect

Health: Increases your overall health points.

Players start with 200 health (each health bar equals 50 health).

One upgrade increases health by 50 (250 total).
Two upgrades increase health by 100 (300 total).
Three upgrades increase health by 150 (350 total).

Armor: Provides a defensive buff.

One upgrade reduces damage taken by 15%.
Two upgrades reduce damage taken by 30%.
Three upgrades reduce damage taken by 45%.

Regen: Recovers health over time when not in combat (shooting or being shot).

One upgrade heals 10 health per second.
Two upgrades heals 20 health per second.
Three upgrades heals 30 health per second.

Leech Shot: Recovers health each time your bullets hit another player.

One upgrade heals 3 health per hit.
Two upgrades heals 6 health per hit.

When using Leech with Multi Shot, the amount healed is divided by the number of bullets shot at once.
See Multi Shot for more information.

Shot Modifiers:

Skill Name - Effect

Piercing Shot: Makes your bullets go through walls.

One upgrade allows your bullets to go through one wall.
Two upgrades allow your bullets to go through two walls.

Note: Bullets will pierce walls before ricocheting if you have both Piercing Shot & Ricochet Shot.

Ricochet Shot: Makes your bullets bounce off walls.

Only one upgrade possible.

Note: Bullets will ricochet after piercing walls if you have both Ricochet Shot & Piercing Shot.

Multi Shot: Makes your gun shoot multiple bullets at once in a seven degree spread pattern, but reduces the potency
of each bullet.

One upgrade makes the gun shoot two bullets at once.
Two upgrades makes the gun shoot three bullets at once.

Note: The potency of each bullet is divided by the number of bullets shot at once.
For example, if you do 20 damage per shot without Multi Shot, but fire two bullets at once with Multi Shot,
each bullet will do 10 points of damage. The Leech skill is affected in the same way.

Homing Shot: Makes your bullets aim toward the nearest target.

Only one upgrade possible. All bullets hit the nearest target (regardless of upgraded multi shot).

Range: Increases the distance your bullets can travel.

One upgrade increases range by 15%.
Two upgrades increase range by 30%.
Three upgrades increase range by 45%.

Slowing Shot: Reduces the move speed of an opponent hit by your bullets.

Only one upgrade possible. Reduces opponent movement speed by 25%.

Fire Rate: Increases the speed at which you fire bullets.

One upgrade increases fire rate by 17%.
Two upgrades increase fire rate by 34%.
Three upgrades increase fire rate by 51%.


Skill Name - Effect

2x Cash: Doubles the picked up cash earnings.

Only one upgrade possible.

Magnet: Nearby cash and health packs will move toward you of their own accord.

Only one upgrade possible. Doubles the player's pickup radius.

Zoom Out: Zooms out the game window, allowing you to see more of what’s happening around you.

One upgrade increases the field of view by three degrees.
Two upgrades increase the field of view by six degrees.
Three upgrades increase the field of view by nine degrees.

Speed: Increases your movement speed.

One upgrade increases movement speed by 6%.
Two upgrades increase movement speed by 12.

Barrels: Not a skill per say, but one of the deadliest items in the game. Blows everyone to kingdom come.

Barrels inflict 600 damage, with a six meter radius and an inverse-square falloff
(i.e., the further away from a barrel when it explodes, the less damage it will inflict).

Huge shout-out to ALS for the assistance in compiling all this information!

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Awesome work!

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Awesome guide!

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Very helpful guide ...Thanks Daniel

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So based on the explanation, multi shot is useless? It's better to have 1 whole shot than 2 or 3 that divides? I don't think I'm understanding it

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Multi shot is a tradeoff between a single bullet with more damage that can only target a single player, v.s. multiple bullets that can target multiple players at once, but do fewer damage to each.

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I believe even point blank multi shot does less damage. It's main purpose to be crowd control.

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A bullet will pierce a wall before it ricochets if you have both skills.

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Two upgrades increase fire rate by 51%.
Three*. Youre welcome c: