View Full Version : Looking to buy some gold loot items.

08-17-2018, 08:17 AM
Rog wep or warrior 120+gl.

Pendant Ring Arcane artifact Belt 80+gl each.

Lvl 30+ each item.

Pendants 80gl.
Legend pendant 80gl ill pay 1m-2m depending on lvl.
Mythic pendant 80gl 1.2m-2,4m depending on what pendant it is.

Rings 80gl.
Legend ring 80gl 2mil-3mil depending on lvl.
Mythic 2-3m.
Arcane 3mil.

Belt 80gl.
Belt legend 1.5m-2m.
mythic 2mil.

Artifact 80gl.
Artifact Legenday 3mil.
Arcane 11mil.

Weapon 120gl
legend lv 30-56 600k-900k or so.
Legend lv 57-66 2m-2.6m.
Arcane/Mythic really depends on which wep it is, like a drag sword can be worth 3m with 120gl but drag dags be worth 1.3m with 120gl. Looking for war/rog weps

List anything below 80gl+ accessories/ 120+gl weps or send me a message on the forums.