View Full Version : Twitter Contest 11-19-2011 Results

11-19-2011, 09:27 PM
Tonight's question was: Imagine Pocket Legends is a band; what's the band name, AND an album name?

We'd like to congratulate the following people for winning tonight's Twitter contest:

@_carmcarmie Band Name: Ambassadors of Alterra, Album: Zombies, Ninjas, & Monsters, oh my.

@ColeHarper Bows and Roses: Every Avian has its Thorn Root

@NkdSpcMnky The Alterra Player Slayers, Platinum Pains and Dailys Blues.

Please feel free to offer your ideas for contest questions, etc here (http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?41734-Brainstorming-Twitter-Contest-Questions)!

Thank you everyone for playing, and we'll see you at the next contest! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter :

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11-26-2011, 07:13 PM
@ColeHarper is me xD Congrats to myself and the other winners!