View Full Version : Legend of the Arcane-er Deary (Part 1)

01-05-2019, 01:46 PM
[Day 1]
I finally bought a journal from the Kraag bookstore that was next to the arena where you could constantly hear gladiators complain about how they keep getting ganged on and trash talk each other. I decided to settle at that one tavern in Windmoore since the one in Kraag had terrible drinks. I ordered the newest drink that the Windmoore tavern was offering. Apparently it was a drink stronger than any other drink in Arlor, but I was feeling tough. "A mug of Bloody Deary" I asked. The bartender gave me a mug full of a red glowing liquid that was pulsing with power. I hesitated at first to drink it, but I downed it all in one go. I let out a burp so powerful that it could be heard from Shuyal. After that nonsense, I stared at my Horrorific staff for a while to pass the time, trying to figure out what the book on the staff even means. Eventually, I overheard two fellas talking about how they encountered a being more powerful than any other that they have ever encountered. Apparently, they encountered this being when they found ruins in Festerfang. I grew curious. I decided that I will have to investigate for myself. It's getting late though so I'll investigate tomorrow.

01-05-2019, 04:01 PM
The Kraag Tavern is mighty quiet but we regulars like it that way. It is a family-run establishment that has been catering to it's people for generations. New fangled sorts can stay in Windmoore. Thank you.