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01-08-2019, 05:26 AM
Part 1: https://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?438923-Legend-of-the-Arcane-er-Deary-(Part-1)

[Day 2]
I was about to go check out this place in Festerfang, but those blasted goblins we're up to no good again. They have returned for another year poisoning some poor villagers again (why won't they just give up?). Anyways, I'll be silent for a week.

[Day 9]
I've killed the commanders that were behind the poisoning of the villagers. They keep coming back to life for some weird reason though. After I killed them enough times, I got some sort of vanity that I didn't like, so I just listed it on the auction and got some gold outta it. Anyways, I'm packing up and going to Festerfang.

[Day 10]
I traveled with my literal army of cerellas (thanks a lot Klaas). I have no idea where the heck these ruins would be. I checked where that weird hydra used to be. I also checked where that fly lord was. I even checked the deep marsh and that one place that keeps changing its roads, but still nothing.

[Day 11] My army of cerellas weren't that happy anymore, so I put them all back in the stable (they're too expensive to feed anyways). Back at the outpost, I asked some of the locals if they have seen any ruins, but it was hard to hear them over the sound of trash talkers in the arena ring. I even had one of the locals scream right into my eardrum just to even comprehend what they we're trying to say (I think I'm partially deaf now). They all said that they haven't seen any ruins. I'm starting to feel tiredand hopeless. I don't know why I go exploring everytime I hear a rumor. I'll just get some rest for the night.

[Day 12]
I had some Reptus feet for breakfast. I've never ate Reptus feet before. I thought it would taste really bad, but it actually tasted like chicken. The locals showed me that they twitch if you put salt on them. So I tried and it looked pretty disgusting. They even made me eat it. Lets just say.... it was really weird eating Reptus feet with salt.

After that delicious, but awfully weird and disgusting meal, I continued my search for these ruins. I decided that I will dive into the smelly waters to see if there were any underwater ruins. It was a bad idea. I didn't even poke my toe in the water and some Repti jumped out of the water trying to eat me. There's no way that I'm going to be shredded like a piranha.

I forgot to check the Spirit Swamp for the ruins. I gave Shen'kor my elixir. While the portal to the Spirit Swamp was being set up, she was repeatedly singing: "The joke will be the one that you provoke. Give it power then climb the tower. After the slaughter comes the altar". I payed no attention at first, but the more I listened, I realized that it was a riddle. I asked her what that song was and she said that it was just some rhyme she and her kind learned when they were little. I kept note of that tune and I proceeded to check Spirit Swamp. Sure enough there we're no ruins. I've done a lot of exploring for today, so I'll continue my journey another time.

01-10-2019, 11:50 AM
This is one of the most amazing and shocking stories I've ever read of all time, this deserves a golden trophy. 10/10

5 Star rating, best experience ever.