View Full Version : PvP set MAGE lvl17

01-16-2019, 04:00 PM
I am sellig a PvP set for mage lvl17 the items are
Arcane Staff (lvl16)(300 armor, 1.5% str, 4all stat)
Icescale hemet brutality(lvl17)(150 armor, 1.5% str)
Icescale armor brutality(lvl17)(150 armor,2% mana)
Emberglow rin warfare (lvl16)(125 armor, 75 armor)
Stalag necklace brutality (lvl16)(150 armor, 2% ms)
All of them has Fortified Mind jewels

My ign: Godofskyyy, and Type
I have house on both of them so if you are interested a house message will be enough.
AND i accept item offers, item and gold, or just gold.