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12-01-2011, 05:09 PM
Let me start by saying I was not a fan of PL PVP because of what the community turned it into, not how it was designed.
If hosted properly, SL PVP is very fun.

When i host :
1) I make sure both Teams have 3 people before we start
2) Once teams are full & grouped I ask if everyone is Ready?
3) After confirmation all are ready I yell " GO "
4) Then its a 3v3 Team effort to kill any individual on the other team 10 times to win.

Side note, if someone leaves or gets disconnected during the fight. I yell GAME OFF UNTIL TEAMS ARE FULL AGAIN. And we all retreat back to our pads until ready.

Down to the Nitty Gritty
If a team works well together, they can be quite a challenge. So far my favorite group set up is Myself on my Comm & x2 36 Engineers. Reason behind this is... With the x2 Engineers the dps is very fast when everyone is focused on the same Target. Also its not up to once person to keep up on heals. With 2 Engineers I noticed I did not die often at all & we were an unstoppable force because no one was dieing.


Commandos are the most over powered class atm, at least in my opinion. With a Legendary Pistol / Shield Combo you do plenty of damage & can live through some intense battles other classes would have died twice in.

Operatives are where I'm very conflicted. With the new found Legendary Pistol / Shield combo Ops surprisingly still die very fast. Looking at PVP through intelligent eyes, Ops are always my 1rst target due to the Damage they can produce & there lack of armor, then on to the Eng to take out heals. I don't even feel confident enough on my Op to use my Custom Blade Fins due to the lack of armor & thats no good. We should be able to Dual Wield I still survive somewhat.

Engineers really get the short end of the stick imo. They do great damage over time & are a necessity to any good PVP group make up. But they lack the Punch they need to do hard damge instead of damage over time. When it comes to 1v1, sorry to say I think the Engineer would die every time if put against a good opponent. Even with utilization of your Root & heals, if an good Op or Comm gets a hold of you they can chop you down too fast.

I do realize this is BETA & I am super excited to be a part of PVP is Star Legends for the 1rst time in history! All of this is just opinion & what I have noticed from my short few hours of playing.
Please Leave your INPUT here or start another thread about YOUR THOUGHTS ON STAR LEGENDS PVP. I know STS will appreaciate it, thank you

12-01-2011, 05:10 PM
Nice, I don't like V
PvP very MICH though

12-01-2011, 05:19 PM
I think it is good, but unless teams are even and the same level/ gear, then it is a slaughter.

12-02-2011, 01:03 PM
From my short experience, engineers do die even faster than op. Altough in my case, that may well be lack of skill, i've seen others than me in the same case.
Op are fast and deadly, but fragile. I think the only kills i've got was op, and only because they had someone on their back.
Com have both armor and some damage, plus health buff. Although, as i don't play this class, i don't know how much it is worth.

Again, everything above is open to discussion, as it is only my opinion.

12-02-2011, 01:08 PM
for lvl 5's and lower, commandos are dominating. The operatives stand no chance at all as both classes hover around 70% hit, the commandos heavily out-armor the operatives, and since guns are so weak and nothing of much rarity exists, both classes seem to do similar damage. Commandos can heal by lvl 5, and can heal up to 55 hp per skill cast. Operatives unluck heal at lvl 6 I believe, but it makes tehm weaker. I tried a lvl 5 op today, and got destroyed. Commando killed me twice before I killed her. Might either scrap the account and start over or just lvl up to 10 and take the deaths.

Plus stats might get reset anyways since it's beta

12-02-2011, 01:29 PM
I am like you. I have never actuctly played much pvp, but I have a quick peek at pvp beta for star legends, and I can't see anything wrong with it. Working just fine for me.