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12-05-2011, 12:10 AM
Hello Guys & Girls,
Today i will be introducing you to my own personal guide for PVP as an Operative. Ive named this guide "The Dark Shadow Guide" after my Operative, Darkshadowzz. I've had much success with this build/spec especially in clean 1v1 duels. So i suggest you try it out, give me feedback, especially constructive criticisms, im respectfully giving you my opinion and id appreciate at least that much back.

My Dark, Looks good doesn't he ;)


Okay, First of all,
Op doesn't need anything but Dex, You can choose to go 110% -120% hit rate (when Dec update comes) when u spec in Dex then off spec in strength to give you some decent hp and Armour bonus however id recommend pure Dex until lvl 41 comes out then you can play around with Str. I don't recommend specking in intellect, in my opinion it doesn't do much, most Ops rarely go out of mana in PVP but if you have your own theories feel free to add on to my guide.

As always im pure Dex

Yes i am aware that this build is unusual, but hear me out :D There's a good reason for this. Especially when playing 1v1 or Tournaments as Operative. Lets Work our way through the build.

I Love this ability, thank god for the genius that invented it. If you guys can afford some extra "Bandits gear" u can get an extra 28% or so passive dodge, using Blur at rank 6 gives an additional 35% and if you have implants you can get 7% dodge. All up your looking at about 70% dodge in 6sec duration. Problem with bandit is it has low hp, thats why i need Inner focus for my ability, the build i use is pure hit and run against COMMANDOS. Their dps is a bit lower so your bandit gear can handle it. However i personally prefer going Custom Blade gear against other OPs and Eng, its more durable and you last longer in fights, you also get a set bonus. Never the less. With 70% Blur activating at the start of a duel. Something amazing happens!!!

Guess what?? Most players spam as many buttons as they can, Giving them massive cds, with 70% dodge u just got the edge in the whole duel.Yeah u barely got hit. I rarely ever get hit hard in the first 6sec, they have a 30% chance of passing by your dodge, thats if they have over 100% hit. With my spec i use neural shock to lower their hit rate further, assuming they have 100% with "3" in neural shock they lose -10hit. So if your playing against a commando they (USUALLY) have about 90%-95% hit - 10% hit from neural shock. Your looking at some amazing dodge/miss happening.

Neural Shock:
The only reason this isnt speced more is cos it leaves us little room, update this later when more patches come out this is crucial in the initial stages of the fight, it also applies some nice DMG.

As you can see i dodged all his abilities.

Summarizing it all up, if they dont miss, youll dodge it, IF you dont dodge ul get hit but with 500ish Armour you'll absorb a fair bit.

Amplify Pain & Precision:
Every Op must have this, by far the two best skills you can get. They are awsome buffs, really good for packing a punch in a small amount of time. I reccomend getting both to lvl 6 il explain why shortly. You should always use Precision first, it lasts longer, followed by amplify Pain. Currently most ops have 23% passive crit using Custom gear. If you have these 2 skills it pushes it to 93% crit. Unfortunetly u cant have Bandits and custom gear so see how you go, if you feel confident you can withstand the commandos dps with 40ish dodge then go with custom and a dps implant. If you want to play it safe go with bandits, and dodge implant and just hit and run. Youll still have roughly 75% crit when using precision and amplify (still decent).

Precision: 60% Crit + 14% Hit
Amplify Pain: 10%Crit +15dmg -120armour to opponent

Use your buffs.

Flames of Insanity:
By far one of the best DOT skills when you have Amplify and Precision turned on, it burns so much! so you defenetly need 6 in that. Like i was saying when your vsing a commando (hardest class to beat in my opinion) You use Blur, then apply your buffs and use Flames of insanity let the dmg do its work, it also has stun (rumor has it its 20% chance) so its another reason u should have at least 1 in it. I prefer 6.

If you Get lucky You might even stun them.

[B]Mind Wreck:
Only reason there is 1 spec in here is because while you are using auto attack you can still cast some magic, so use this whenever you have time, Its all about the rotation. By now u should have ur skills maped out and ready to go. So use this after u use Flames of insanity.

Last dps what you should do is to Spec 1 in lurch just to throw them off their game, once u use lurch run back and re heal behind pilar. Wait for most your cds to come back and do this again.

Inner Focus
First of all if your doing pvp, u need some decent heals, and yes as much as i hate to admit it operative heals are nerfed compared to that of Engineer and Commando, wish they'd update it a bit. Anyway. Best you can do is take what you get. Spec 6 in it should give you +8 heal and mana regen per sec for 10sec thats 80HP & 80MN
NOTE: Dont use it at the start of any duel, it takes down 5 dps, i recommend using it when u use "Lurch" then hiding behind a pillar to re heal. After ur heal is done you go back into the fight.

Once ur Blur goes down, you should have done some decent dps and placed on him a heavy DOT supported by NICE BUFFS and if you are playing a private 1v1 i recommend Using Lurch and runing back behind and using Inner Focus. This will prevent u from losing 5 dps in a fight and your dots will still be hurting the opponent. Wait until your Blur comes back online and do start over. If you keep doing this beleive me you can take down a commando, slowly but surely, AND YES! leaving u with full hp. Keep your distance against a commando, whilst keeping close to an OP and Eng.

Hope you guys learnt somthing today, just think about what ive explained here, i will be editing this thread a bit. Adding what i think is better and improving it after Dec update. Have Fun enjo

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Nice guide! :)

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Nice ill have to give this a try!

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Looks interesting. I'll give it a try! Thank you

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nice guide great op right there :)

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Thanks guys, and Kanozaki ahha nice duel, I was trying a different spec today, but u made me realize that i should stick to my guide ^^

Jake Miller
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great guide darkshadowz thank you! ur strategic reasoning is flawless!!

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Well done dark, dodge dodge and more dodge!

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Great guide!

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time to lv a operator

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oh and whos better you or kanra

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Good man, but u should use physical lash instead of neu shock, cuz immobilized enemy:)

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Is my "Stop posting, this Thread is old" stamp a little too subtle?

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