View Full Version : Selling plat lixes//Shiny Sham

06-06-2019, 03:29 PM
Selling 10x of all plat lixes except for xp, highest bidder gets, no auto, starting at 100k per
Also selling Shiny Shamrock banner (not merching it)
Also have a few weaker ms items: 15% ms and 4% dex legendary 71 rog helm, level 61 mythic armor rog with 20% ms, level 61 dusk bow with 20% ms (2m c/o) level 71 dex belt of brut legendary with 18% ms (2.2m c/o)
Rendtail Ring: 1.5% dex 6% armor 1% str
Immo aegis: 125 health 4% health 3% all stats 4% armor

Offer below, or in-game, gonna be afk for a while. Ign: Shocn

06-06-2019, 07:55 PM
Lixes sold 11