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12-17-2011, 06:00 PM
Hey everyone, now that I started playing SL again, it's really fun. But, I need to know what skills to put points to. Im L7, I haven't touched my skills at all yet, and w/out it im still a beast, (600-0)! So, please reply here on to what is the best way to go!

12-17-2011, 06:49 PM
Hey drao, could I ask if you are planning a skill set for pvp or pve?
If its pve then two most important skills would be:
- Graviton well: pulls mobs to you while damaging them
- Singularity: focuses on one target and blasts them away after a moment along with other nearby
The effective play style would be to run front, aggro mobs to walls/ corners and use graviton well
Once they start being pulled in, walk the oppisite way and use singularity to push them back to the wall.
This will allow you to clump up mobs so you can effectively use your aoe skills and kill mobs faster.
You can aslo use the stomp skill between using graviton well and singularity to increase damage and stun mobs for longer

He back breaker combo is also important. But since you are lvl 17 atm, u will not be able to use the backbreaker skill yet

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Well written, trying to be close to you