View Full Version : Sell OP Twink Items Lvl16 Mage Set

08-03-2019, 12:20 PM
As written above, I’m selling my twink mage set lvl16 at reasonable price. Do offer me tour best price as this set super duper god even thanos couldn’t find this god op set no more. Items as listed down ;
- Eerie of assault ( full para ) 60m
- Ensorcelled band of brut ( no one ever have this ring now ) ( full fort mind ) 7m
- Icescale robe ( grand tarlok, fort mind ) 2.5m
- Icescale hood ( full fort mind ) 3m
- Boulder barrel of brut ( full fort mind ) 2.5m
- Watchman’s staff of brut lvl6 3.5m
- Eerie of brut lvl16 ( zero gem ) 1.5m

Thank you for visiting this post and have a good day

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