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09-01-2019, 11:26 PM
I'm looking for these heroics! Let me know what you have and we'll negotiate.

Heroic Alejandro
Heroic Amy
Heroic Bop-Bop
Heroic Boris
Heroic Churro
Heroic Cinder
Heroic Clyde
Heroic Colton
Heroic Courage
Heroic Crawly
Heroic Dreambot
Heroic Ellie
Heroic Entomis
Heroic Flap-Jack
Heroic Foxy
Heroic Fritters
Heroic Gobi
Heroic. Gold slobber
Heroic Gourdon
Heroic Gourdy
Heroic Granite
Heroic Grimm(yeah right *cries*)
Heroic Guapo
Heroic Gyrm
Heroic Harley
Heroic Hawken
Heroic Haxonite
Heroic Haze
Heroic Horton
Heroic Jahooty
Heroic Kettle
Heroic Kissogatha(again, yeah right *cries*)
Heroic Korruption
Heroic Kris n kringle
Heroic Loki
Heroic Lucky
Heroic Malgo
Heroic Mallison
Heroic McCaw
Heroic Mercury
Heroic Misty
Heroic Orion
Heroic Pinfeathers
Heroic Precious
Heroic Remington
Heroic Ribbit
Heroic Ripmaw
Heroic Rocky
Heroic Samael(overrated)
Heroic Shade
Heroic Shadow fang
Heroic Shiloh
Heroic Silver
Heroic Sky
Heroic Slag
Heroic Snappy
Heroic Snowy
Heroic Spitfire
Heroic Stanlee
Heroic Swift
Heroic Talon
Heroic Thog
Heroic Timber
Heroic Titan
Heroic Valkin
Heroic Violet
Heroic Vlad
Heroic Wurmtongue
Heroic Wylenor

10-24-2019, 12:25 AM