View Full Version : Selling OP Rog/Warrior items!

09-04-2019, 11:48 PM
Maul, no c/o - no auto
Lvl43 reason belt 4%dex 12dex 3% armor c/o 6m - auto 8.5m
Lvl43 reason belt 250armor 1%dex 1.75m
Lvl47 glint helmet 5%dex 3%all stat, no c/o - auto 8m
Terror blade, no c/o - auto 23m
Arc ring para 2eyes 9%+75armor, no c/o - no auto. Not planning on selling ring yet, just wanting to see its current value. All low ball offers will be ignore, so don't waste anyone's time. Thanks! [emoji3526]
Pm me here, or in-game
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