View Full Version : selling op ms items for lb runners[ursoth soon!]

09-29-2019, 02:53 AM
selling tainted set war 3 of 3 38%ms/41% boss damage
tainted aegis 71lvl=15mov speed/20boss dam/3%health
tainted helmet 71lvl =15ms/8ms/3%crit
Endless helmet 66lvl war=15ms/8ms/1.5%str
mire armor mage =15%boss damage/3%boss damage/2%ms
mire armor mage=15ms/5ms/75mana
venom set 37%ms/125armor
venom ring int 8ms/8ms/6ms
venom amulet str=15ms/125armor/4%taun change
also venom ring str with 10ms/6ms/1%str
taking offers in this op items